Simplicity: Lobster Tail with Burnt Butter Sauce


I have never attempted to write in response to the Daily Prompt but I thought of giving it a try. This is my first time so I really hope I am meeting the brief.

Today’s dish screams simplicity. I have posted a lobster recipe  before, you can check it out here if you’d like to, but if you have never cooked with lobster before, please start with this one. It’s easy, quick and will give you the confidence to try something bolder with your lobster the next time around. But baby steps first…

The ingredients required are the bare minimum, all you really need is a beautiful lobster and you’re all set.


  • Lobster tail – 3 ( around 350 gms each)
  • Coriander leaves- 1/2 cup
  • Garlic cloves – 5 (1 tbl spn)
  • Olive oil – 2 tbl spn
  • Butter- 4 tbl spn (40 gms)
  • Lemon juice- 3 tbl spn
  • Kosher salt – as needed


Grind coriander, garlic, chili together and keep aside.


If you are using packed lobster tails, that is great. However, if you are using fresh ones, freeze them. To separate the head part, put a knife on the joint between the head and tail of the frozen lobsters and just give  it a good hard smack and the head should separate from the body.

Clean the alimentary canal .Now thaw the frozen lobster in water.them. Cut out the claws and the membrane behind (which is attached to the claws).

Use your fingers to take the meat out of the shell.

Mix ground masala, kosher salt, lemon juice and olive oil to make a paste and rub on the meat.  Push it back inside the shell. Cover with a cling film and put in the refrigerator and marinate for 10- 15 minutes.

On a heated non stick pan, add butter and then the marinated tails. Fry each side for 3 minutes on medium flame (also depends on the size of your lobster).
You may add the rest of the marination to it to give your burnt butter an amazing taste.



  •  Don’t use hot water to thaw the tails.
  • If you don’t want the butter sauce, you can always replace it by simply steaming your lobsters. You can also just brush them with olive oil, put on the pan and cover with a lid.
  • For the burnt butter sauce you can always directly mix the masala with butter. However, I have prepared my sauce along with the lobster to infuse all the flavors together.  
  • An alternative to pan frying is grilling the lobsters or cooking it in the oven. You can also use a tandoor for a smoky flavor.

I have served my lobsters with some spaghetti. You can check the recipe here if you want o do the same. Otherwise some lemon wedges and hot sauce would do just fine!


Now, wasn’t that simple?? Cooking is all about simplicity with a few tricks and techniques. Hopefully I’ll share a few more with you soon. If you liked this recipe and would want to know more of such easy and quick recipes, leave a comment and I’ll definitely come back with more. Happy Cooking 🙂


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