Happy New Year from Tanushree’s Delicacies!


2015 has truly been a wonderful year, especially for the part where I have been engaged with  Tanushree’s Delicacies. 7 months and 50 posts later we are in a New Year, a year I hope is as good as the last one.

For my new readers and subscribers, I am Tanushree and this is where I share some well tested and easy to do recipes (you can read more about me here if you’d like). As many of you already know, there was a time when I too was very uncomfortable with cooking but once I stepped into this world I didn’t want to leave. So here I am, hoping to share that joy with some of you who are new and very unfamiliar with the mysterious world of the kitchen.

I love cooking and sharing my recipes with the world but the most amazing bit is engaging with the readers. A special note for all the readers who ask for specific recipes or try out one of my recipes and give their feedback- Thankyou! You make my day and are the reason I write this blog.

If you’re new to my site and don’t know which way to go, these are some of my more popular recipes that I hope you’ll enjoy.

  1.  The simple Orange Loaf Cake  : Your introduction to baking with this basic and easy cake recipe.DSCN4790

2. Vegetable Chop/ Bread Rolls : Vegetarian appetizers are very difficult to find but after trying this dish out you won’t have to look any further.


3. Spring Rolls : Who doesn’t love Chinese food?


4. Poached Pears with Chocolate and Butterscotch Sauce : Get the creamy freshness of fruit with the rich flavor of dark chocolate.


5. Stuffed Chicken Kofta: An Indian version of creamy meatballs that you’ll surely love.


Fellow Bloggers please come to the New Year’s Party being hosted by Janice at Mostly Blogging. A great blog if you’re looking for pro blogging tips and a great way to meet other bloggers.

I’ll try to be more regular with my posts this year (New Year’s Resolution 😉 ). Thanks a lot for being so patient with me and giving me all of your love and encouragement.

Wish you great things for 2016. Happy Cooking 🙂


  1. Hey hi, found your link via Janice of mostly blogging dot com. This is awesome, i look forward to exploring your posts. i am so going to be a chef in 2016. hahaha. Happy 2016 to you and all yours, Cheerios.

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