Being a mother, teacher and everything in between : Kids’ Special!!

Today’s post is dedicated to all the little munchkins that bring laughter and joy into our lives. I hope all teachers and parents will find this post useful and will be able to relate to it.

I have been a teacher for a long time and a mother for even longer. However, due to my health I now have to teach from home and hope I can continue to do so for many more years (of course the mother job is indefinite).

As the country celebrated ‘Teachers’ Day’ on 5th September, my students also decided to surprise me with all kinds of gifts, cards, roses, chocolates and what not.


In case you can’t tell, the above picture is that of a card one of the little ones made for me with beautiful and kind words and two of my favorite candies and an important note: “Mam Be little Strict. You only eat this Don’t give to anyone. I know its your favorite toffee.” Needless to say, my heart melted!

Over the years I’ve seen these students grow from playing hide and seek, using me as the wall to hide, to gossiping about the cute guy in class, to debating which college to go to. I couldn’t be prouder.


Every year I try to throw a party so I can meet all my students and spend some time with them without the company of books. Even though not all can make it as many of them have long left the city, but most still try to and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that these parties have become the highlight of both their and my year! The picture below is from last year’s party. (Hats off to their editing skills by the way :D)


When it comes to food, I try to stick to the ‘chart hits’- I’m sure every Indian reading this post knows what I’m talking about – chhole bature, pav bhaji, dahi bade, pani puri etc. 😉 For those of you who don’t know these dishes, just put in a comment and I’ll post a recipe soon.

But this is 2015 and needless to say that children parties these days aren’t the way they used to be when we were kids or even when my daughters were little. While my adorable students will fall head over heels and gobble up anything I cook, I’ve decided to come up with innovative dishes that might make this year’s party’s menu. These recipes have already been published on Tanushree’s Delicacies but I present them in a whole new form again.


If you haven’t checked out this recipe earlier on my blog, GO HERE!

This is another cuter version of Omurice, which was loved by all my family, friends, fellow bloggers and the amazing readers. Omurice is a simple Japanese recipe where you can be creative and let your imagination loose.


To make it more kid- friendly I have shaped this one as a dog instead of a Parcel.

The dog’s tongue is made out of ham and the blanket is an omelette. The eyes, nose and nails are olive. And the little bow is cheese.

The only variation from the old recipe is that here I have not added any vegetables with the rice, some vegetables like green onion, tomato and chili have been added to the omelette,to make the blanket colorful.



Kulfi is and will always remain a favorite for children. I have prepared it using Rabdi so first go find my Rabdi recipe HERE.

Then take a kulfi mould, brush it with some butter and fill it with the Rabdi. Then freeze.


To serve you can decorate and garnish with anything you want including chocolate sauce, tooty-fruity, gummy bears and gems because remember these are for kids, so go crazy! I’ve served with candied fennel seeds, chocolate chips and honey.

I hope all of you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed wrIMG_0191iting it.

Being a teacher is truly a beautiful job and even though sometimes they give me a bad head ache, my students are a very important part of my life and make it worth living.

To all my children, I truly love you and thank you for making my life so meaningful.


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