Thankyou so much for the Beautiful Blogger Award


I have been nominated by two lovely food bloggers from Dine In My Kitchen and Julie’s Food & Photography for this amazing award.  Receiving awards is always fun, mostly because I get to connect with and show my appreciation for so many of my favorite blogs on WordPress.

I’m really sorry for the delay in publishing this post but cooking and teaching has been keeping me very busy lately, but here we are finally. So the rules:

  • Link the blogger who nominated you.
  • List seven random things about yourself.
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.

The truth is I couldn’t find enough random things about myself to write about, so I had to call in help. According to my daughters, I apparently have quite a few quirky habits and randomness in my behavior. I’m not sure I agree with all of them but let’s have a look 😀

  1. I bite my lower lip when anxious. (do I? never noticed it)
  2.  I lose my glasses all the time and then deny losing them.
  3. I really like lipsticks- Never go out of the house without wearing one.
  4. I don’t filter emotions before displaying them and tend to be overdramatic. It’s all out- anger, happiness, sadness- plain and simple.
  5. I always bathe in hot water, even in summers. (And I live in India)
  6. I’ve had at least one dog at any given point in my life. And GSDs are my favorite.
  7. Ever since I’ve started this blog, I have thought about discontinuing it almost every week but my family, friends and fellow bloggers have kept me at it.

The seven bloggers I’d like to nominate are-

What’s Bec Cooking

Once Upon a Spice

Lynz Real Cooking

Aromatic Essence

The Breakfast Tea


Nourished Peach

I had a hard time limiting my list to only seven but these bloggers have absolutely beautiful blogs and I’d love to know more about them!

Thanks again for all your love Julie and Satabdi. It’s always great to be appreciated by such wonderful bloggers. Please surely visit their creations.

Oh and before I forget, an announcement for all my fellow bloggers and readers-

I’m now on Instagram!! So hope to see you


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