Hello dearest readers! Tanushree’s Delicacies has reached 200 likes and that calls for celebration and of course no celebration is complete without something sweet!

Today we have a traditional Indian sweet ‘Rabdi’ which involves very basic ingredients and a simple recipe with no special techniques to it. However it is a bit time consuming as the whole cooking has to be done on low heat. But if you love Indian desserts as much as I do, and have some time to try new things in the kitchen then you have to try this one out. So grab an apron and get to it!


  • Whole Milk (high fat content) 1.25 ltr
  • Sugar 4 tbl spn (or as per taste)
  • Pistachio (pista) 10-12
  • Almond 10
  • Kewra essence 1/2 tsp
  • Rose essence 1/2 tsp
  • Saffron a generous pinch


Boil milk in a deep vessel. As it starts boiling and you observe froth and cream on the surface, lower the heat. With a spatula gently remove the cream layer from the surface and stick on the side of the pan.


Keep on collecting the cream layer (malai) on the side of the pan on low heat. Continue this procedure of collecting cream to the side of the pan for at least one hour till your milk halfens (Phew! I know, it can be tiring so preferably do it while preparing other dishes in the kitchen).
In the meanwhile, soak almond and pistachio in warm water to peel them. Keeping a few aside for garnishing, chop the rest and keep them aside.
As your milk is half or 1/3 in quantity, add sugar, chopped dry fruits and cardamom powder.
Now you need to be careful so that the milk does not get browned or burnt from the bottom. Stir occasionally from the bottom and collecting the cream. Reduce the thickened milk to 1/4 of it’s quantity.This process will take about 45 minutes more. You will observe the colour has changed now to light pink.

Remove from heat . Scrape off the collected cream layer or solid milk from the sides and add into the thickened milk.


Add kewra and rose essence and stir gently. Garnish with pistachio, almond and strands of saffron.
Serve hot or chilled as a desert or with malpua or Shahi tukra.

A very very important thing to remember while preparing this dish or any dish that involves milk-

Burnt milk smells ridiculous and can never be used, so be careful with your thickened milk.

This may not be the quickest recipe but is definitely the easiest! If you love Indian desserts but can’t find the good ones as often you’ d like then follow this recipe and start making your own.DSCN2492ed

For all my lovely readers, thanks a lot for all your love and for the big 200!! Feels great! I’ll be back with more recipes, till then enjoy this Rabdi with friends and family and don’t forget to share the love below in the comment box.
Happy Cooking! 🙂


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