Amuse Bouche : Two ways!


Mouth Amuser or “Amuse Bouche” as the French call it is a single, bite-sized
appetizer often accompanied by a complementing wine or simply used as an entrée. Today I’m writing about two such small bites.

The first one, with Mushroom and Peas. It’s for my vegetarian foodies. However, the key feature of this little dish is it’s simplicity.

The second one is what I call the “Chicken Cracker Amuse Bouche”. This is best for cocktail parties, dinners, lazy evenings, kids’ birthday parties, basically any event or none! It’s simple, fun and cracking! I have accessorized them with two delicious dips- a Pomegranate Walnut dip and a Fresh Mango dip. 

Here are the recipes. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

For Mushroom-Peas Amuse Bouche


Button Mushroom 15-20
Peas 1 cup (paste)
Cumin powder 1tsp
Chili powder 1/4 tsp
Sugar 1/2 tsp
Salt (as per taste)
Cheese slice
Butter 3 tbl spn


Make a paste of the peas and keep it aside.


Dry roast the cumin and chili powder together on a low flame. As the colour starts to change, remove immediately and keep that aside as well.

Heat a wok and add a tbl spn of butter and the pea paste. Add salt, sugar, and the roasted spice powder. Saute’ for a few minutes and when the mixture is dry enough to not stick to the wok you can turn the heat off. Remove from heat and keep aside to cool.


Wash mushrooms and remove the stems. Make small marble size balls of the pea mixture and insert in the hole of the mushroom (where the stem goes).


Now your mushrooms are prepped. In case you have guests arriving you can prepare the mushrooms before hand and cook them later in a matter of minutes. For the cooking you may use an oven or the traditional frying pan.

Heat a skillet, add 2 tbl spn of butter and  shallow fry the mushrooms for a few minutes till your mushrooms seem done (go with your instinct on this one!) . Finally cover the pea part with small cubes of cheese slices and  heat for 30 seconds (or as needed according to your oven adjustment) so that the cheese melts and stick as a cover. And that’s it.


Your Mushroom-pea amuse bouche is done. Just one important thing to keep in mind:

Do not burn the spices or else the taste of your delicate dish will turn to bitter and might give your dish away.

For Chicken Cracker Amuse Bouche


Cream Cracker biscuits (1 biscuit makes two)
Chicken mince 1/4 cup
Onion 1/2 (paste)
Green chili 1 (seeded & chopped)
Mayonnaise (as required, store bought or home-made)


Marinate minced chicken with onion paste, green chili and little salt for 15 minutes. Saute’ in a hot pan on medium flame till the chicken is cooked and water evaporates. Do not add any oil or over cook the chicken. Remove from heat and let it cool. In a food processor add the mixture and pour a little amount of mayonnaise (for a recipe of home made mayonnaise, go here), one spoon at a time to make a paste out of it. Keep your chicken paste aside.


Break the biscuits in four equal parts. Sandwich the two with chicken paste.

To top up your little chicken crackers use any dip/sauce of your choice. I have used a a pomegranate walnut dip and a Fresh Mango dip.


For pomegranate walnut dip


Large red capsicum 1
Red bullet chili 2 (seeded) (optional)
Garlic paste 1/4 tsp
Walnut 1/2 cup (shelled ,chopped and roasted)
Pomegranate juice 1/4 cup
Lemon juice 2 tbl spn
Virgin olive oil 1tsp
Sugar 1tsp
Kosher salt (sea salt) as per taste

Roast the bell pepper on a stove flame, peel, deseed and roughly chop.
In a blender, mix all ingredients . Add oil to this mixture.

Adjust the taste before you serve. It should taste tangy sweet and sour. Thick and creamy.


For Mango dip/sauce


Ripe mango 1 (pulp it manually using a fork)
Red chili powder (according to taste)
Sugar (as per requirement)
Lemon juice ( as required)
Soya sauce 1 tsp

Mix all ingredients by hand (using a fork). In a mixer,it will be too runny. Taste should be tangy, sweet and sour.


In my dip I have used more soya sauce than necessary. If you use less soya, the original color of the mango would be preserved. However, you can always use more soya as well for a tangy taste. Just go with what you like!

Use these two dips as much (or as less) as you like along with other sauces/dips of your choice. And your chicken cracker is good to go!


I hope you liked these recipes and will remember them the next time you’re looking for fun but ridiculously easy recipes to cheer yourself or your loved ones! If you liked this don’t forget to leave a comment for questions and/or suggestions.

Have fun munching on these yummies and happy cooking! 🙂



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