Eat it~ ‘Murakkat’

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Hello friends! I realize that I have limited my recipes to savory so far, but I have decided to take a sweet turn today. This dish was a huge hit for me, so I hope you enjoy it too! The main ingredient for this dish is ‘Khoa’ i.e. dried whole milk, otherwise also known as milk solids. If you’re not sure what I mean don’t worry! It is similar to Ricotta cheese, though not the same(Ricotta has a higher salt content so if you’re using that, remember to balance the taste accordingly).


  • Milk (preferably buffalo milk) 1ltr
  • Rice(basmati / govind bhog) 3tbl spn
  • Sugar 125 gms
  • Almond 40 gms (blanched and made into a paste)
  • Khoa/mawa (dried whole milk/ milk solid) 60 gms
  • Cashew nuts 2 tbl spn (halved)
  • Pistachio 1 tsp (chopped vertically)


Wash and soak rice in water for 20 minutes.Boil milk and reduce into half. Then add the rice and boil till the mixture is thick. Add sugar,almond paste and khoa. Cook on a low heat stirring constantly,till the milk dries up and it begins to come off the sides of the vessel.Now it is thick enough and in a sticky (halwa) consistency. Spread it evenly on a dish. Your spread should be about 1″ high. Sprinkle pistachio and press lightly,so that they stick into the mixture.


Cut into desired shape,square or diamond,place a cashew nut on top. I have gone with the famous rectangle.


Arrange on a baking dish so that there is at least 1/2″ gap between the murakkat pieces. Cook  on medium heat in an oven for 10 minutes (approximately, adjust according to your oven heat ) till it turns light brown.

It also tastes wonderful if the heat is cranked all the way up to dark brown. And some people like it better that way so you can choose your own 🙂DSCN1584

Cool and serve cold! Not very complicated, right? Trust me, as far as Indian desserts go this is one of the easier ones. So go have some fun!

In India, its said that it’s always good to start things off on a sweet note. So this is my first post for the new fun challenge that I am a part of! #WeeklyChallenge for #FoodBloggers (, please do check it out as I would love to  meet more bloggers who share my food interests! Food Bloggers unite! 🙂



  1. I am totally try that recipe, when I have found dried whole milk. Our dried milk here in Canada is in powder, so I doubt it’s going to be okay in the recipe. I love making recipes from all around the world! It’s going to be my first indian one! Thanks for sharing.

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